Deana Sicari – a nutritionist for individuals, athletes, corporations and physician referrals, having owned her private practice, the “Nutri-Fit” for 25+ years, is committed to teaching the latest and most effective nutritional protocols and practices for a gamete of health and wellness issues including weight loss, forms of chronic illness, inflammatory conditions, enteric (digestive and bowel) problems and disease.

Sick and tired of dieting? Have you tried every diet out there only to gain the weight right back? The reason you have not learned how to lose the weight or how to keep it off is on purpose! Fad diet programs are created to take your money, not for you to be successful or to make a permanent change in your metabolism!

Are you staying in a calorie deficit, working out like a crazy person, and still not getting the results you desire? If this is you, chances are you may have some sort of  of metabolic disorder which means your metabolism has difficulty processing certain foods and moreover, may store what you eat mostly as fat.

Are you an athlete, triathlete or a competitive fitness, figure or bodybuilding competitor? As a triathlete are you either “crashing the wall” on your run, bike, or swim or having difficultly transitioning in each of your events because you lose power? If you are a fitness, figure or bodybuilding competitor are you having a difficult time getting ripped, keeping lean body mass or feeling strong on competition days? Chances are with all of these scenarios, your nutrition needs to be tailored specifically for you to satisfy your wants, needs, desires and goals.

What makes Deana different from most nutritionist and all dietitians?

She takes a biochemical approach to nutrition whereby she “blue prints” your metabolism through a series of protocols she has designed as diagnostic metabolic tools. Just like your finger prints differ from all others, so uniquely diverse is your metabolism based on genetic predisposition, eating habits, exercise habits and your potentially “bad” habits. Having a varied chemical, biological and psychological back round this multi-degreed therapist can get you on the right path to health and wellness.

Do you suffer from acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, forms of colitis, high blood pressure or doctor diagnosed inflammatory conditions such as myalgia?

How about, allergies, sinusitis, headaches, poor immunity?

Most infirmaries we have are contributed to our environment, lack of proper flora in our bodies, dehydration, forms of mild acidosis, stress, lack of sleep, poor macro nutrition and a depressive outlook about life.

Did you know that cancer is a body, mind and spirit infirmary? Do you know there is a cure for cancer but we are not told by western medicine what it is? Did you also know that some organizations are trying to take away our health freedoms by regulating natural supplements but THEY DO NOT REGULATE PHARMACEUTICALS KNOWING THAT THEIR CONSUMPTION KILLS MORE PEOPLE DAILY THAN CAR ACCIDENTS?

If you wish to lose weight, establish both health and wellness and learn the real applications of food and nutriceutical science to your life, no matter what your interests are, contact Deana Sicari at the number and email provided below.