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The Nutri-Fit Approach

A comprehensive clinical nutritional and fitness training program personally designed for you!


A full clinical assessment of your health and nutritional needs to assess the root cause of disorders and identify specific dietary needs.

Metabolic Fingerprinting

Coaching on how to balance your personal metabolism with a biomedical approach custom designed for each client.

Training and Fitness

Personalized fitness programs to support a healthy lifestyle. Programs are custom designed to achieve maximum results and life long success.

 We keep hearing that we need discipline to be successful in endeavors that require practice to accomplish. Changing your behavior to satisfy your weight loss goals is no different. The definition of discipline is, training/nutrition focus is expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that shows mental improvement. Basically, one would need to become “trained” essentially in learning how to change their nutrition habits. So even though you may be 

motivated to lose weight you still may not become successful because you lack the knowledge of how to do it. Moreover, you may just flat out lack the discipline to improve your behavior. If this is the case, (similar to lacking motivation), the best way to begin to make a change is to observe the proper behavior. This will create a POSITIVE PATTERN of behavior. In other words, JUST DO IT! Walk 30 minutes a day. Eat 5 to 6 small meals per day every three hours. Drink plenty of clean water; get 8 hours of sleep nightly. If you perform 2 to 3 of these observances daily you will develop a new pattern of behavior (however the more consistent the better results!) which will get you closer to your weight loss goals. If you need additional help on exactly what to eat, accountability and coaching, call me!

Your Path to a Healthier Body

Do you suffer from acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, forms of colitis, high blood pressure or doctor diagnosed inflammatory conditions such as myalgia? How about, allergies, sinusitis, headaches, poor immunity?

Most infirmaries we have are contributed to our environment, lack of proper flora in our bodies, dehydration, forms of mild acidosis, stress, lack of sleep, poor macro nutrition and a depressive outlook about life.

After helping thousands of others change eating and lifestyle habits to attain the body they desired, let Deana help you to decide how to meet your goals. 

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                              Deana Sicari, BS CCN

Deana Sicari, BS CCN

Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Functional Athletic Trainer

Chemist, Body Builder, & Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Chef.

Deana applies a unique biochemical approach to nutrition using a special Metabolic Fingerprinting technique creating an individual program based per client and their goals. With over 30 years of experience, Deana has changed the lives of many through nutrition and fitness while inspiring others to better their personal nutrition and lifestyle.

“The program I offer employs several nutritional science applications in order to help you based on whatever goals you have set for yourself. My nutritional training includes formulating specialized nutrition for patient physician referrals or clients in the disciplines of oncology, nephrology, geriatrics, pediatrics, and endocrinology. Additional training includes metabolic disorders, nervosa and nutraceutical applications…”

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Comprehensive Clinical Services

Finally, you can achieve your health and wellness goals and learn how to maintain them. Personalized programs designed to fit the needs of the client.
Metabolic & functional assessments
Personalized nutritional programs
Corporate wellness programs
Individual and group programs and services
Fitness programs, personal training & more

Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Programs

 Personally designed programs to fit the needs of every individual from amateur to athlete including special-case programs for those with certain health conditions.

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After helping thousands of others change eating and lifestyle habits to attain the body they desired, let Deana help you to decide how to meet your goals. Stay motivated, even when the times are tough! Get on track without stressing, do yourself a favor..

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Deana is a certified clinical nutritionist, personal trainer, and health coach with over 30 years experience in helping clients to achieve and maintain their wellness goals.