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What is motivation?

How do I stay motivated?

What does it mean “to be motivated?” The definition according to the text “Motivation, Biological, Psychological and Environmental” (Deckers, Lambert, 2004),” “is to be moved into action.” So, how does one move him or herself into action? For example, for all of those people out there who need to lose weight, but are not necessarily wanting, and for those that truly want to lose weight but cannot get motivated to do so? According to Lambert, there must be a voluntary behavior and energy behind that behavior in order to produce a reaction. The energy produced is described as both potential and kinetic energies. Potential energy implies just what it suggests, your potential energy which is produced by the human body and in conjunction with the food you eat, which in turn feeds the system.  Once this energy is stored as potential energy in the body it becomes released for behavior or work and thus becomes kinetic energy. Okay, I am sure you are asking, well how can all of this psychology help me to get motivated to lose the weight? I hope to explain this to you, so that you may grasp a few basic concepts to fuel your mind and body in order to put your weight loss goals into action.